Worldwide Water Sample Analysis Data Collection [info & map]

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Worldwide Water Sample Analysis Data Collection [info & map]

Post by waterengineer » Mon Jun 22, 2015 11:44 pm

I will use this post to collect water sample analysis from all over the world.

The water analysis can be natural water, drinking water, wastewater discharge, and treated wastewater effluent:
  • Natural water: water samples from ground, well, river, sea, lakes, pools all can be included here.
  • Drinking water: water samples from bottled water, tap water, well water can be included here.
  • Wastewater: raw wastewater discharged from municipal, industrial area, agricultural usages.
  • Treated effluent: effluent discharge after treatment plants.
The data will be stored into a database and presented in a web based map for easy access by visitors.

Please help to share your water analysis data with us to build a world wide water quality database and monitoring network.

- waterengineeer

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